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52 Reasons


A weekly spotlight on what we love about living, working and playing in west central Minnesota.



#1: Downhill Skiing

#2: Embracing the Cold

#3: Hjemkomst Center

#4: Manufacturing Careers

#5: A Giving Spirit



#6: Curling Clubs: Lakes, Vikingland and FM

#7: University of Minnesota-Morris

#8: Maplewood State Park

#9: Lake Minnewaska in Pope County



#10: Soul-soothing Nature (chosen by Carole of Erhard)

#11: Interstate 94

#12: Healthcare Careers

#13: Music in our Schools



#14: Inspiration Peak

#15: Summer Jobs!

#16: Two-Year Colleges

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Each week in 2018, Live Wide Open will highlight “something” about living, working and playing in this area. We’d love to have you nominate your favorite thing, whatever that may be.


How about an event, a cause,  a favorite stop, something new, something old, someone making a difference, a park, a store, an act of kindness, a teacher, a quiet place, a noisy place, a mentor…. well, you get the idea.


After all, there are so many reasons to love living in west central Minnesota. What are yours?